Pizzeria Eden Sperlonga


In the historic center of the old town, in the heart of Sperlonga, Pizzeria Eden facing the surreal scenery of the eastern beach, surrounded by green hills and the promontory of the “Grotta di Tiberio”. The decades-long familiar conduction, with the help of few trusted collaborators, make this local Authentic and Unique, always ready to meet the needs of customers. Here you can taste fantastic pizzas with a long natural sourdough, cooked in a traditional but innovative oven firewood, seasoned with local products, like buffalo mozzarella, cheese from the “pianura Pontina”, Extra-virgin olive oil from Itri, olives from Gaeta and with local vegetables products. The dough is made with 4 different types of Italian flours, expertly mixed, with a natural sourdough of at least 48 hours. All of this to give you a good, genuine, highly digestible and hight quality product. Furthermore Pizzeria Eden offers to his customers seafood specialties cooked according to the cooking traditions sperlongana.